Study Overview and Informed Consent

The focus of this study is to examine the experiences of faculty related to workload (teaching, assessment, service) with an emphasis on faculty who teach at historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).  This survey is part of a larger study to understand the experiences of marginalized students at HBCUs.

Selection Criteria for Participants

To participate in this research study, individuals must meet the following criteria:

-Be at least 18 years of age or older
-Be a current faculty member at an HBCU
-Be a current faculty member at a non-HBCU
-Will be able to participate in an interview (individual/group); no longer than 30-60 minutes AND/OR participate in an on-line survey focused on in pursuing doctoral degrees
-Will agree to participate in a brief follow-up phone call or in-person meeting (no longer than 5-10 minutes) to review the responses to your interview and/or general responses to the survey.

Interested individuals may contact me directly at 410-651-8398 or I can be reached at 215-203-2945. I can also be reached via email at

Pamela Petrease Felder, Ph.D.
Associate Professor (and Prinicpal Investigator)
School of Education, Social Sciences and the Arts
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Protocol #2017001



Identification of Project: Examining doctoral student socialization towards degree completion, the professoriate, and beyond: Understanding the role of HBCUs and the experiences of historically marginalized students

Statement of Age of Subject (parental consent needed for minors): I am over 18 years of age, in good physical health, and wish to participate in a program of research being conducted by (name of principal investigators, names of student investigators) at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Department of Education, School of Education, Social Sciences and the Arts.

Purpose: The purpose of the research is examine the faculty experience to understand the professoriate as it relates to doctoral student socialization within HBCU and Non-HBCU contexts.

Confidentiality: All information collected in the study is confidential, and my name will not be identified at any time.

Risks: There are no specific risks to the subjects participating in this study.

Benefits: Potential benefits of participants’ engagement with this study includes the sharing of insights regarding the experiences of HBCU students, faculty, and administrative leaders. These insights will serve to increase awareness understanding of the role of HBCUs in higher education.

Freedom to Withdraw from and Ask Question: I understand that I am free to ask questions and to withdraw from participation at any time without penalty.

Where Medical Care is Available: This study involves no or minimal risk but in the case of any physical injury please seek medical care as soon as possible at the nearest medical facility.

Conclusion: You are making a decision whether or not you will participate in this study. If you sign the consent form, you are agreeing to participate based on your reading and understanding of this form. If you have questions regarding the study, please ask the principal investigator.