The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is transforming US 183 into a modern expressway built for tolled and non-tolled travel. We have an opportunity to bring visual enhancements to the look and feel of the corridor, and want the aesthetic design to reflect the community’s cultural values and visual preferences.

We know from our previous outreach efforts that the community favors enhanced landscaping, community connections, and regional identity. We have a robust tree protection and landscaping plan in place, significant bicycle and pedestrian amenities planned, and a unique look for bridges along the corridor to give it a sense of place.

But we want to dig deeper into the concept of “regional identity.” We have an opportunity to bring visual enhancements to the look and feel of the corridor. We want to make sure those enhancements reflect the key features that make you proud to call east Austin home.

Help us shape the roadway’s aesthetic design.

* 1. What about East Austin makes you proud?

* 2. US 183 goes under MLK Jr. Blvd and we are making considerable changes to this bridge. If we are able to install artwork under the bridge for folks to see as they drive by, which theme do you prefer?

* 3. There will be a trailhead under the US 183 bridges at the Colorado River (below is a rendering of what the trailhead will look like, and an example of one panel within the design).
We’d like this trailhead to be a gathering spot where community legacies are commemorated—both past and present. What are your ideas that commemorate east Austin and the US 183 corridor?  For example, the original Montopolis Truss Bridge was built in the late 1880s and rebuilt in 1938. 

* 4. Which community or historical themes should be recognized? (check all that apply):

* 5. Which significant historical events, people, or venues tied to the themes above should be recognized? (For example, founding of Tillotson Collegiate and Normal Institute /Huston–Tillotson University, Ed Bluestein, historical churches, or other venues in east Austin, etc.)

* 6. What facts about the Colorado River should be recognized? (check all that apply):

* 7. What is your zip code? 

* 8. What is the name of your neighborhood or subdivision?

* 9. How long have you lived in Austin?

* 10. If you’d like to receive updates on the aesthetic design plans, please provide your email address: