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* 1. Personal Information

Declaration of Conflicts
The CASSA rule regarding conflicts states:
The following categories of people are deemed to have a conflict of interest: 

a) a relative of a Competitor 
b) a Coach of a Competitor 
c) a parent, child, sibling or spouse of a Coach of a Competitor 
d) a Team Manager or relative of a Team Manager 
e) an inhabitant of the same household of any of a), b) c), or d) For purposes of this rule, a "relative" includes step relationships and is any of parent, child, sibling, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, first cousin, grandparent, or spouse, and a "coach" is any person who coaches figures and/or routines on a regular basis.

If for any other reason you feel that you have a conflict, please include that in your additional information.
Membership Fees
Synchro BC will waive the Synchro BC portion of fees for Judges and Referees who actively officiated in at least two (2) competitions in the previous season (2017-18). Canada Artistic Swimming fees cannot be waived.

(New) In recognition of National Judges and Referees who continue to voluntarily invest in their development pathway and to share their knowledge and experience within the province of BC, Synchro BC will pay the Canada Artistic Swimming fees and has eliminated the provincial fees.
Please submit your payment for the balance due by the registration deadline to ensure your registration is complete.

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