Thank you for participating this past weekend!

* 1. Which ride did you participate in?

* 2. Have you participated in the San Diego Century before?

* 3. Rate your experience with the following?

  Excellent Satisfactory Unsatisfactory N/A
packet pick-up
training info
course markings
SAG locations
photo ops
post-race food 

* 4. How do you feel about the number of SAG locations on the course?

* 5. What do you think about the supplies at the SAG locations?

* 6. What other supplies would you like to see at the SAG locations?

* 7. Where did you hear about us?

* 8. Was the information on helpful?

* 9. Were the training and instruction emails helpful?

* 10. Did you find the Athlinks App useful?

* 11. Did you know about the purple monster time trial?

* 12. What was your satisfaction with merchandise?

* 13. Did you purchase merchandise, if not what would you like to see offered?

* 14. Where did you stay Friday night?

* 15. Would you like to have a post-race beer garden or BBQ after the ride?

* 16. Are you inclined to also participate in our Bike The Coast ride in November?

* 17. Overall, how do you rate the event?

* 18. Would you recommend this ride to a friend?

* 19. What part of your experience would you like to see improved upon?