CAHIIM welcomes comments,edits,changes and feed back to the revisions to the CAHIIM Master of Health Informatics accreditation standards. The survey is divided into the seven category sections that comprise the Standards. You may choose to evaluate all seven areas or you may add comments to just the areas that you feel require modification. 
The 2017 CAHIIM Master of Health Informatics standards have been broken out by the individual standard. Under each standard there are two option boxes.After reviewing the standard check the 'No Change' option if you feel that no changes are needed and proceed forward. If you think that the standard needs to be modified please add your comments in the Enter Changes comment box.  Each Comment box has a handle  (designated by two lines) on the lower right-hand side that can be used to extend the length and size of the comment area.
Things to consider:
Clarity - is the standard written so that it is clearly articulated
Validity- Is the standard reasonable

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For the purposes of CAHIIM Health Informatics Accreditation, the discipline of health informatics exists at the confluence of three major domains: Health, Information Science and Technology, and Social and Behavioral Science. Students in this discipline are expected to have working knowledge of these three domains as these domains define and affect the practice of health informatics.

Where two domains of knowledge intermingle, each affects the other, and the program graduate is expected to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that exist in these co-mingled domains: Health Information Science and Technology, Human Factors and Socio-technical Systems, and Social and Behavioral Aspects of Health.

Where all three domains intermingle, the program graduate is expected to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that exist in this most complex domain: Social, Behavioral, and Information Science and Technology Applied to Health.

As with all other health professions, the work of health informaticians affects the health, safety, and effectiveness of those working and being cared for within the system of health care delivery. Graduate students are expected to demonstrate the knowledge and skills, reflecting the domains of Professionalism, Interprofessional Collaborative Practice, and Leadership.

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