Please answer all questions - there are no questions that identify who you are and all responses are confidential.
Only complete this survey if you are at least twelve (12) years of age and under twenty one (21) years of age.

* 1. What is your current age?

* 2. What is your sex or gender?

* 3. Your Ethnicity

* 4. Your Race

* 5. What is your current grade in school?

* 6. Do you know any teenagers who have ever had difficulty because of either parent's use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs?

* 7. Have you ever been concerned about another student's alcohol or drug use and not talked about your concern to a parent, teacher or counselor?

* 8. Have you ever used alcohol, marijuana or other drugs and not talked about it with a parent, teach or counselor?

* 9. Would your parents allow you to have a party at your house and serve alcohol, marijuana or other drugs as long as they were home? Then Check all that apply:

* 10. Do your parents allow you to drink alcohol as long as they know about it?

* 11. How many kids do you know who have chosen not to drink alcohol even though they had the opportunity to do so?

* 12. Do you think underage drinking laws are enforced in the same way in all areas of Washington County?

* 13. How much do you think a parent's use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs negatively influences their child/children to use alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs?

* 14. During the past year, have you participated in any of the following types of gambling activity?  Check all that apply.

* 15. During the past 30 days, have you gambled for money or anything of value?

* 16. Most kids my age drink beer, wine or other types of alcohol when their parents don't know about it.

* 17. Most kids my age use tobacco including cigarettes and/or chew tobacco.

* 18. Most kids my age use marijuana.

* 19. Its OK with me if my friends drink alcohol.

* 20. It's OK with me if my friends use tobacco.

* 21. It's OK with me if my friends use marijuana.

* 22. I understand that alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drug use increases risky behaviors among youth.

* 23. I am sure I can refuse alcohol, smoke/chew tobacco, marijuana or other drugs if my friends offer it to me.

* 24. Kids my age can get the following drugs.  Please check all types you think kids your age can get.

* 25. Kids my age use the following drugs.  Check all types of drugs you think kids your age use.

* 26. Do you know how to use your school's Student Assistance Program (SAP)?