Thank you for attending the 8th annual Clark Street Spookacular! Please take a few minutes to give us feedback on this ghoulish event.

* 1. How did this event compare to other Halloween events you’ve attended?

* 2. What did you enjoy MOST about the event?

* 3. How did you hear about the Spooktacular?
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* 4. Did you vote for your favorite scarecrow on our website as part of ‘Scarecrows on Parade?’

* 5. Did you discover new businesses along Clark Street?

* 6. Did you make a purchase at a Clark Street business during the event?

* 7. Would you attend similar events on Clark Street again?

* 8. How could we improve on Spooktacular for next year?

* 9. What events or programs would you like to see on Clark Street?
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* 10. (Optional) Do you have any additional comments?

Thank you for taking time to provide feedback in improving next year's Spooktacular.

Please click "Done" to submit your responses. Don't forget to go to to check out the silly and scary photos of the event!