MCN and The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Minnesota Chapter are pleased to host “A Gift of Communication.”

Six nonprofits, chosen by lottery, will receive three hours of free consultation from seasoned IABC MN communications professionals.

This event is geared towards nonprofits that are small enough to need help, but large enough to have some time and resources to devote to communications. Because of this we ask that participating organizations have an operating budget between $250,000 and $1 million.

To enter your nonprofit, please fill out this short survey, which will ask the following questions:

● What is your nonprofit's name and mission?
● Who do you send your message to now?
● Who do you WANT to hear your message?
● What communication tools do you have?
● What are your communication goals?
● How do you measure your effectiveness?
● What is the size of your operating budget and staff?
● What are the “top two” communications issues that you would like to discuss at this event?

PLEASE NOTE: These survey questions just determine eligibility, so short answers are fine. The six nonprofits who are chosen to participate will be asked to provide more detailed answers to the questions.

If selected, it is suggested that one or two members of your organization attend from senior management and/or your board.

Applications will be taken through Wednesday, February 11, and winners will be notified the next day.

IABC specializes in helping organizations achieve excellence in corporate communications, public relations, employee communication, marketing communication, public affairs and other forms of business communication. This event is their “Gift” to the nonprofit community. Agency representatives are encouraged to stay after the Work Session and network with the IABC members.