Curriculum Changes, 2008 MAERB Core Curriculum to 2015 MAERB Core Curriculum 

In order to ensure that CAAHEP-accredited Program Directors are implementing the 2015 MAERB Core Curriculum, you are requested to fill out this form. It is expected that programs will be starting to implement the 2015 Core Curriculum no later than the fall of 2016.  Because all programs will be making curriculum changes in order to replace the 2008 Core Curriculum with the 2015 Core Curriculum, the MAERB office has streamlined the process.  

You are required to submit this form online by September 2, 2016.

Program Directors are asked to report on how they have incorporated the new Nutrition (Content Area IV) cognitive objectives and psychomotor and affective competencies. In addition, programs will be requested to provide a brief summary of the work that they are doing with the 2015 MAERB Core Curriculum, focusing specifically on their timeline for implementation.

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* 1. In a few sentences, outline where you have incorporated the new nutrition cognitive objectives and psychomotor and affective competences. In other words, list the course(s) in which you are teaching those objectives and competencies and at what point the students are taking that course (for example, first term or second term).

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* 2. In a few sentences, explain your the timeline for completely implementing the 2015 Core Curriculum.  In other words, on what date will the 2015 MAERB Core Curriculum have been completely taught and assessed?  Will it be in the spring of 2017, the fall of 2017, and so on.

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* 3. You are asked to sign your name in order to attest to the following:  

I have begun to implement the 2015 MAERB Core Curriculum into the medical assisting programs syllabi, and I intend to fully teach and assess the 2015 MAERB Core Curriculum. I recognize that the MAERB Core Curriculum is a required component for CAAHEP accredited medical assisting programs, as is outlined in Standard III.C.2.

Sign below by entering your full name and credentials

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* 4. Please share any questions you might have or any comments about the implementation process.  MAERB will gather those questions and consider what type of training options might be most appropriate.  We appreciate your feedback.  

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* 5. Address