Maynard's 150th Anniversary Celebration

April 19, 2021, will mark the 150th anniversary of the founding of our town.  On April 19, 1871, the State granted and signed Maynard's charter, the result of a citizens' petition presented to the Massachusetts legislature. The citizens' vote to call the town "Maynard" was unanimous. They wanted to honor the man who was the major force in creating their lively manufacturing town. The first town meeting was held eight days later. The town was small but mighty, with a population of only 1,820 people and an area of 5.24 square miles.

April 19, 2021 is a date which will see a thriving Maynard with a robust Cultural District, a bustling Mill & Main, a completed Assabet River Rail Trail and the 58 acre mixed use development coming to 129 Parker Street.

This survey is part of the initial planning for the Town’s 150th sesquicentennial celebration. 

Your survey responses will be used to present to the Board of Selectmen a request to form a Planning Committee and to provide seed funding for sesquicentennial events.

Help celebrate what Maynard means to us today and look back to see how far it's come!

* 1. Would you attend or participate in a Maynard Historical Celebration event?

* 2. What types of events would you be interested in?

* 3. Should events be all year long or over a shorter period of time?

* 4. Is there a theme you would suggest for the celebration(s)?

* 5. Would you purchase tickets or souvenir items to help support the cost of events?

* 6. Should the town history be updated, i.e. period from 1971 (centennial) to 2021?

* 7. Should the celebration create some form of permanent memorial, such as an outdoor sculpture and/or mural that reflects a highlight of our town's history, e.g., mill workers, Digital's Ken Olsen, or something that celebrates Maynard's multi-cultural beginnings?

* 8. Have you been to any other town’s celebrations? If so, which town?

* 9. What did you like about that celebration that might be appropriate for Maynard?

* 10. What part of Maynard’s history would interest you?

* 11. Would you be interested in learning more about your historic home?

* 12. Would you be interested in volunteering to help with the planning/execution of the celebration?

* 13. Any suggestions or ideas for the Planning Committee?