Greeting prospective FIRST students,

Congratulations on your acceptance to Clemson University! Below you will find the FIRST Generation Success program application.

We will send you a letter of acceptance and then you will hear from your mentor later this summer, before you get to campus. We will have a large Welcome Event on August 20 at 6 pm, where you can meet our staff and other new and returning FIRST students here at Clemson.

As part of FIRST, you will meet regularly with your mentor and attend monthly seminars to obtain knowledge of all the great campus resources that can benefit you! These are informal meetings with interesting and dynamic guest speakers.

PLEASE NOTE that the FIRST Summer Preview Program is a separate application. Applications will be available on our website April 15.

Thank you for applying to FIRST!

1. Enter your name:

2. Preferred Name:

3. Clemson email:

4. Other email address:

5. CUID # (not required):

6. Cell phone #:

7. What is your major?

8. Are you planning to change your major?

9. How did you hear about the FIRST Program?

10. Are you a first-generation college student (you are if you will be in the first generation in your family to complete a four-year degree):

11. Why do you want to be a member of FIRST?

When pairing you with a mentor, we match primarily based on major. After that, we can consider your request based on gender. Please be aware that we cannot promise to provide you with your request, but we will do our best. We promise to match you with a fabulous mentor. Please tell us how important the gender of your mentor is to you.

12. I prefer a mentor of the same gender:

13. List up to 3 weblinks that will help us understand you better.

* By submitting this application, you are agreeing that you will be an active member of the FIRST program.

Thank you for applying and welcome to the FIRST family! We would like you to join the FIRST facebook page, where you can get to know other FIRST students before you arrive on campus. Please add us at