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* 2. With Minnesota facing a $6.2 billion budget deficit, which is the best tool for balancing our budget?

* 3. Which Area(s) of spending do you believe should NOT be reduced to balance the budget? Check as many as you like.

* 4. Would you support raising taxes to balance the budget deficit?

* 5. Should Minnesotans be required to provide photo identification as a requirement for voting?

* 6. Do you favor an alternative process for teacher licensure that allows someone who has not gone through a traditional college or university teacher education program to become a teacher in Minnesota?

* 7. Do you support repealing the ban on nuclear power plant construction?

* 8. Should the state's tax rate on businesses be reduced?

* 9. Do you support reducing the size of the Legislature from the current number of 201 legislators?

* 10. How important is building a new Vikings stadium?

* 11. What do you think would be the best way to fund a new stadium for the Vikings?

* 12. Please make additional comments below.