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Please send the credentials by 24 August 2021.

Please inform the Executive Director of who will represent your country at the 130th Session of the International Coffee Council and Associated Meetings taking place online from 1-10 September 2021:

Delegation Size
Speaking delegates: A maximum of two representatives per delegation will be allowed to speak.

Silent Observers: A maximum of three silent observers are allowed per delegation. Silent observers cannot make interventions or comments. 

*Email addresses need to be provided for each member of the delegation, both for speaking delegates and silent observers. Thank you for your patience.

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* 1. Please upload your Letter to the ED with the Credentials of your Country Representative

PDF, DOC, DOCX, PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF file types only.
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* 3. The 130th ICC will be held in English with the option of interpretation into French, Spanish and Portuguese. Please select your language preference.

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* 4. Please select which (if any) Committee/Associated Meetings your delegates will attend.

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* 5. Enter the Full Name of the Representatives

*Please include if they are a speaking delegate or silent observer (e.g. John Smith - Speaking Delegate).

There are a maximum of two speaking delegates and three silent observers.

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* 6. Title of Representatives

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* 7. Name of Organization

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* 8. Please provide email address for all speaking delegates and silent observers

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