1. Background Information

Hello AmeriCorps members! Thank you for completing this survey. It will help us to measure your level of civic engagement as you enter your AmeriCorps term. We'll also have you answer these questions at the end of your service to see what has changed since you joined the program.

The survey also aims to help us at the Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service and your programs better serve you as you serve your communities. So, some questions will ask about your thoughts on and expectations for your AmeriCorps service. We appreciate your candid opinions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the AmeriCorps Program Officers at ICVS. (1.800.308.5987) We appreciate all you do for Iowa - keep up the great work!

Pam Helfer, Sarah Hinzman, Kristin Honz, Jamie Nagel, and Chad Driscoll

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