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Renovated Park Coming Soon - Help Us Name It!

The renovation of 11th Street North and North Danville Street Park will begin this summer. This is an opportunity to help name the newly renovated park.

Arlington County’s Park naming policy allows for park names that either reflect a park’s unique character and features, or a name that honors someone who made a significant and positive impact to Arlington County. Learn about the County’s Naming Policy here

The first outreach to collect possible names for the park was completed on March 23, 2022. We received name ideas from the first outreach and have four possible park names for you to consider (a few suggested names we received were not included in the list below. They either did not meet the naming criteria or the names were already used for nearby existing developments). 

Your input will help inform the final park names.

Question Title

* 1. Which of the below names do you prefer?  Next to each name is additional context for consideration.

Please rank the list of names according to your most preferred park name by ranking your favorite as “1”, your second choice “2” and continue until you have ranked each of the four name options.

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