1. Rep. Westrom and Sen. Ingebrigtsen's 2011 Survey

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* 2. Which County are you from?

* 3. Do you support priority-based budgeting that requires justification for continued spending programs rather than allowing the spending to automatically continue?

* 4. Would you support limiting state government spending to the amount of revenues taken in?

* 5. Minnesota has a Pollution Control Agency, a Department of Natural Resources and a Board of Water and Soil Resources. Should these be combined into one and reformed to save money and eliminate overlapping activities?

* 6. Many job creators have said they move to other states because the environmental permitting process in Minnesota is too long and too expensive.

* 7. Do you agree with Governor Dayton's decision to enroll Minnesota in the early medical assistance option under the new federal health care bill passed last year at a cost of more than $1 billion to taxpayers?

* 8. Would you support tying education funding and pay to student improvement?

* 9. Should Minnesotans be required to provide photo identification as a requirement for voting?

* 10. How important is building a new Vikings stadium?

* 11. What do you think would be the best way to fund a new stadium for the Vikings?

* 12. Would you support a constitutional amendment making English Minnesota's official language for government documents?

* 13. Should the legislature allow consumers to purchase approved health care products across state lines?

* 14. Currently, unless parents agree to their own custody agreement, Minnesota law presumes a 75/25 split in parenting time. Would you support modifying the child custody laws in Minnesota to include presumption of equal 50/50 parenting time?

* 15. Which is the only river in Minnesota that runs north?