In the summer of 2018, the City of Bellevue installed a demonstration bikeway on 108th Avenue NE from Main Street to NE 12th Street. Using flexible and low-cost treatments, this demonstration provides a real-world opportunity to evaluate how the latest bikeway design concepts function along this corridor.

This questionnaire is intended to help the City of Bellevue understand user experience, including what works, what doesn’t, and how 108th Avenue could be improved to better address the needs of people walking, bicycling, and driving along the corridor. If outcomes are favorable, the City Council could approve more permanent upgrades in the future, including more robust bike lane separation, traffic signal modifications, durable pavement markings, and other changes to curbs and the streetscape. This demonstration project could help guide other Downtown bicycle improvements.

Click “Next” below to get started! For more information about the 108th Avenue project, visit the Downtown Demonstration Bikeway webpage. If you have any questions about this questionnaire, how your responses will be used, or if you would like to know more about the assessment process, please contact Franz Loewenherz at 425-452-4077 or email

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