PS101 Application

Congratulations on your interest in becoming a certified peer supporter. Please answer all questions honestly and be sure to complete the entire application. We have regular trainings throughout the year. You can search our events page on our website to find future trainings.

As of June 1, 2024 Peer Support 101 training is now 6 days over a two week period. Three days one week and three days the second week. The first 3 days will be M-W-F in a virtual classroom. The second week will be 3 days will be T-W-Th in person classroom. Attendance to all six days is required.

Written employment offer or verification that you hold or have been offered a peer supporter position must be submitted to with the application before registration can be confirmed.

Please allow 7 business days upon receipt of documentation for application review. We will follow up by phone and/or email to confirm your registration. Please send all verification documents to:

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* 1. Applicant Information