100 years CBS - our Focus for the Next Decade

This year, Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is celebrating its 100th year anniversary. In line with this, we are re-evaluating our goals for the next decade. For the past three years, CBS has consistently been among the top 10 business schools globally in relation to responsible management in the Good MBA ranking and reached 4th position in 2016.

Taking this as a point of departure, we are now planning to give an even more specific focus to the areas of social entrepreneurship, impact investing and other related fields. As we want our work to be relevant to these fields, we invite you to share your ideas to refine what focus our efforts should have.  

Thank you very much for your input. 

For further info, please visit our social entrepreneurship cluster´s website, and feel free to reach out to Bontu Guschke, blg.msc@cbs.dk. 


* 1. Please indicate what you think are important areas to consider for Copenhagen Business School to engage in in the next 10 year, in regards to social entrepreneurship, impact investing and related fields.

* 2. Are you interested in being involved in the process of shaping CBS´s teaching and research agenda in this area? 

* 3. If yes, please provide us with your contact details.

* 4. Are you an alumnus/ alumna from Copenhagen Business School? 

* 5. If yes, please provide us with the following information: 

* 6. Do you have any additional questions or comments for us?