333 people, each with 3 friends who don’t yet know Jesus, committing for 3 months (Jan – Mar 2018) to do 3 things:

(1) Pray – pray each day for your 3 friends

(2) Serve – bless your friends throughout the 3 months with simple acts of kindness

(3) Invite – ask your friends to come to our invite week in March 2018 where they will hear about Jesus

If you would like to be part of ‘1000 Lives’ please sign up below:

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* 4. Name of 3 friends you will pray for / serve / invite:

We will provide you with resources (prayers to pray, ideas on how to serve, reminder of events to which you can invite etc.) throughout Jan – Mar 2018. These will be available if you download our app from Jan 1st 2018, via e-mail + on our church website. We will contact you before 31st Dec 2017 with more information.