In the “Sixty Days of Response” booklet we are asked the question, Now what? 
It goes on to say, We have participated in 60 days of preparation, gathered in a Solemn Assembly to lay bare and present our hearts and minds to the Lord, to seek His condescension, blessings and revealment for our lives, and now it is time for each of us to respond to that revealment.

The body was not challenged by a revelation or thus sayeth the spirit during the service, however, we were challenged by these words of truth, “what if the Lord blessed us with a thousand revelations?”  Each one now is a walking revelation of the way He moved to bring us to a deeper sense of our complicit involvement in the sins that have bound our lives and the church for so many years. 

Our way forward lies not only in repenting from something, but repenting towards something—the work of the Kingdom.

Now what? He is looking for our response, our righteous sacrifice, a people who are repentant and prepared in every way to meet Jesus, a people actively engaged in the work of His Kingdom.

Now what? Now it’s time to share, if you desire, your testimony of what God has revealed to you, about you. What you need to do to have a closer walk with Him; and What he is calling you to do to assist in the work of His Kingdom.

Please share how you feel led. We ask that your sharing be clear and to the point because there is limited space for each question. If you are willing to have us share your responses, and possibly your name, you will need to designate so at the appropriate place. You are free to share your name and email, but it is not required in any way. Submitting a testimony does not mean that it will be published.
Thank You.

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* 1. What did God reveal to you about how to have a closer walk with Him?

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* 2. What did God reveal to you about what he is calling you to do to assist in the work of His Kingdom?

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* 3. If you have a testimony associated with the Solemn Assembly, please share it.

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* 4. Do you give permission to share the testimonies you have shared in this survey?

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* 5. If you are also willing to have your name shared with your testimony, please provide it and your email address.