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Thank you for taking the time to complete this important self-evaluation. It will help your organization assess disability rights compliance issues to promote access to state jobs and services for people with disabilities. It will help coordinate the annual policy and planning efforts required under Administrative Order 129, which is consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

This FY08-09 survey is condensed to address new developments in disability rights. It also includes a standard accounting for training, complaints and office moves during the period. The previous (FY 06-07) self-evaluation was more comprehensive and addressed all of the basic ADA access requirements. If your organization (division, department, etc.) has not completed a the 06-07 self-evaluation it will not be in compliance. You may complete the previous evaluation through Survey Monkey at:


You may notice that we continue to omit the "don't know" response category because "not knowing" would not legally protect your agency from noncompliance. The self-evaluation process provides awareness as necessary to gauge agency compliance. Please use the comments field to clarify any yes/no responses.

For more information please contact Jason Caputo, ADA program assistant at 465-6933.

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