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 Pharmacy Focus on 340b Medication 
August 1, 2023, to February 1, 2025

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Course Instructions:
This course is provided, and nursing contact hours are awarded by an honor code system.  You will be asked to provide an attestation statement to verify that you have watched the course video in its entirety.  

Please read ALL the instructions prior to starting the Pharmacy Focus 340b Medication activity to ensure you have the information to complete it in its entirety.
The PowerPoint is a PDF located under “Pharmacy Focus: 340b Medication” that you may download to view on your computer or print it if you would prefer.

1. To start the activity, you will begin with a short 5-question pre-test 
2. Take the pre-test, then view the recording of the Pharmacy Focus: 340b Medication 
3. When you have completed the entire Pharmacy Focus: 340b Medication recording, go to the post-test
4. After you have completed the post-test, take the course evaluation. Please print/save the certificate of completion and click “Done” to ensure your information is saved. 

You will have until February 16, 2025, to complete the pre-test, video, post-test, and evaluation.  No partial credit will be awarded and no certificate of completion will be awarded after the deadline.  

For questions or concerns, please contact Carolynn Hemric MSN RN CPHN @ or call 919-801-0727