U.S. Political News & Information Survey Template

Expert template imageImprove your political research or marketing focus by finding out where Americans turn to for the news. Our expert-certified U.S. political news & information template gives you important insights from anyone interested in staying up-to-date in politics. The survey questions will show you which television, radio, and newspaper sources people turn to the most.

What’s in the U.S. Political News & Information Survey Template?

With so many sources of political information out there, it’s helpful to understand the media habits of Americans. When it comes to national political news, which radio station, television channel, and newspaper do they trust the most? The survey results will show you where to direct your advertising dollars or inform your political research. It’s easy to add or remove questions to this survey template to fit your needs.

To create a survey using the U.S. Political News & Information survey template, just sign up or sign in to SurveyMonkey. You’ll be able to choose the template when you begin creating a survey.