Trends Tracker: Shoppers Think Outside The (Big) Box


SurveyMonkey Audience has teamed up with Blueshift Research, an investment research firm, to deliver another report tracking monthly consumer trends affecting the marketplace.

With our Trends Tracker report, businesses and investors can stay in front of developments that might make the difference between big wins and big losses. For November’s consumer trends survey, we surveyed 1,093 US consumers on 20 topics, including voting, home buying, technology, TV services, and drug laws. Blueshift Research analyzed the data and wrote up their findings on how these trends affect businesses and investors.

So, what did the report uncover this month? Here are a few highlights:

  • Cable “cord cutting” continues to rise consistently and shows no signs of stopping
  • Netflix is the most popular TV add-on service, with 49.5% of consumers subscribing
  • Mobile wallet usage dipped by 3.5 percentage points due to the limited number of participating merchants

Here’s a deeper look at the month’s most interesting consumer trend. To see all our findings, download the report.

Digging Deeper: Shoppers think outside the (big) box

Holiday shopping season is upon us, and what we found this month could be good—or bad—news depending on your size: big-box stores are losing out to local businesses during this crucial time of year.

According to our data, shoppers (especially those who are 30+) are buying from specialty stores and farmers markets over big-box stores. In response, big-box retailers are opening smaller grocery stores and increasing organic selections.

In this special holiday edition of our Trends Tracker Report with Blueshift Research, you get consumer opinions on 20 of the most pressing questions affecting U.S. shoppers and businesses today—and gain insights into how these trends affect you.

Grocery shopping habits aren’t the only trend this month. Blueshift Research’s November report is full of surprises, from consumer attitudes towards GMOs to cable subscriptions and wearable fitness devices. Check out the free report here to get in-depth analysis on more trends affecting issues like voting behavior, home buying, drug laws, technology usage, and more!

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