The Metric Most Brand Marketers Can’t Measure

Marketers agree that brand awareness is important, but they can't measure it

Whether you’re in charge of brand marketing for a huge company or the neighborhood mom ‘n pop shop, you want your brand to stand out from the competition. New research that we conducted using SurveyMonkey Audience confirmed our theory that most marketers agree that brand awareness is important to the success of their product. What surprised us? Most seemed not to know how to accurately measure brand awareness.

We targeted our survey to marketers in the US and found that more than 80% said that brand awareness is “extremely” and “very” important. This tells us that marketers place a lot of value on what people think, how they feel about products, and that levels of brand awareness can affect future purchasing decisions.

How important is it to your product's success...

But measuring brand awareness remains a challenge. 76% of respondents admitted that they do not know what percentage of their target market is aware of their brand, and nearly 70% admit they don’t know how to find this out. Do you know what percentage...

While it’s clear marketers see value in understanding their brand’s perception within their target markets, many have been unsuccessful accessing this data. At SurveyMonkey Audience, we approach this challenge as we would a research question. By helping people conduct their market research via surveys, companies can learn a lot about where they stand within their own market and against their competition.

Savvy marketers use brand awareness surveys to find out if people in their target markets are familiar with their brand using brand recall and brand recognition questions. For example, if you sell photo editing software, you might measure brand recall by asking:

  • How familiar are you with photo editing software?
  • When you think of photo editing software, what brands or products come to mind?

If you want to learn about what people think about your brand specifically, you might ask:

  • Have you heard of Acme Photo Editing Software?
  • How familiar are you with Acme Photo Editing Software?
  • Which of the following words best describe Acme Photo Editing Software?

You can even ask the same questions about your competitors’ brands to learn about what the market thinks about your competitors and use that data to inform marketing messaging and product positioning.

When you conduct brand awareness research, you’re really uncovering key pieces of information that your database and social media followers might not be able to give you because it lets you reach those folks who aren’t already your customers or in your loyal fan base–but could be one day! Learning of the many different attitudes and preferences of this demographic can arm you with the intelligence you need to build better campaigns, increase awareness and of course, make even smarter decisions.