Survey Schema: A Proposed Ontology

In an effort to guide industry logic that connects viable survey schema and markup to survey types and templates, we are providing an initial set of 10 survey schema markups. Leveraging JSON-LD, these markups will aid the language’s effort to create a network of standards-based, machine-readable data across websites, specifically for products and services related to and driven by online survey software.

Surveys in the Schema Hierarchy

As more templates and survey types are accounted for, they will be duly represented herein. Currently, within the JSON-LD framework, we have appropriated, created, and propose the following schema hierarchy:

  • Survey

  • JSON-LD Survey Format

    Given Google’s preference for JSON-LD with regards to structured data markup, we have created the following initial formats:


    survey template json-ld schema markup


    survey type json-ld schema markup

    Ontology Diagram

    ontology diagram

    Ontology Classifications

    Survey-based documentation for ontology terms, superclasses, classes, and properties.


    Description Class representing the various online survey products created by dedicated software or SaaS providers.
    Superclasses Thing


    Description A particular survey template that can be customized and deployed by a user.
    Classes Survey
    Description Particular types of surveys that a site or provider makes available to user.
    Classes Survey

    Help us help the machines better understand online survey products and how they fit into the greater realm of schema items.

    Feel free to weigh in on current and future schema refinements.

    As with our entire family of survey products, we are committed to making it easy to provide insights, collaborate effortlessly, and jump into meaningful action.

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