School Administration Survey Software

In school administration, you are tasked with serving the needs of students, parents, teachers, and staff members. Use SurveyMonkey’s School Administration Survey software to better help you understand the concerns and opinions of the various constituents at your school. With SurveyMonkey Enterprise tools, you’ll have access to a full suite of surveys that contain topics tailored to school administration issues, starting at the Kindergarten level, all the way up through university education. From child behavior surveys to university student satisfaction surveys, our comprehensive Enterprise tools have you covered.

See how SurveyMonkey Enterprise tools can help your whole organization deploy surveys that launch in real time, help unlock powerful feedback, and are easy for everyone in your team to access and use.

Learn how you can improve your school setting by talking to the very people who invest so much of their time in teaching, guiding, and supporting. Use our custom, expert-certified written surveys, or create your own. Track responses, analyze results, and share the information across your organization with SurveyMonkey’s Enterprise data tools.

How to Use School Administration Survey Software

Whether you are a professor looking for feedback from your students or a school administrator who is looking for input from K-12 parents, sending out a survey will help you improve the school setting and programs that you manage.


·         Get feedback from parents. Parents are vital pieces of how well a child does in school. Learn how often parents meet with their child’s teacher, if parents know how their child is doing socially in school, and if a child feels a sense of belonging at the school.

·         Understand the demographics at your school. Use a demographics survey to tabulate gender, ethnicity, age of parents, and the primary language spoken at home. Our demographic surveys will give you a better grasp on the makeup of the children who attend your school and will give you insight into the family structure.

·         Get input from teachers and professors. Teachers and professors have large workloads and pressure from multiple sources to ensure their students are learning and thriving. Use our SurveyMonkey Enterprise surveys to learn more about how instructors feel they are being supported. Do they feel it is easy to get resources from the school? Does the school administration give the teaching staff enough support? Do parents pressure them to change grades? Offer teachers better resources by finding out more about their day-to-day challenges.


·         Learn more about the student athletes at your school. Athletics are an important activity for many students, so use one of our surveys to hear from the athletes themselves about their experiences balancing school and sports. Do they feel it is difficult to balance sports and academic responsibilities? What is their GPA? Are their teachers understanding about their athletic commitments? Are their coaches understanding about their academic responsibilities? Learn how you can improve the school/sports structure by getting input from the student athletes.


·         Get university instructor feedback from the students in their classes. In a college setting, the quality of the instructors and coursework speaks volumes about the university’s reputation. Help your university improve by getting input from the students. Are they satisfied with the course content in their classes? Do the instructors meet the course objectives? Are the instructors good at explaining difficult material? Guide your university’s teaching staff with constructive feedback when you send out our university instructor evaluation templates.


Sample Survey Templates

SurveyMonkey Enterprise offers a wide-range of school-related surveys geared toward teachers, parents, and students. Our expert-certified survey templates are written by professional survey methodologists. Use our pre-written questions, create your own, or use our pre-written questions from our Question Bank and mix and match with your own questions.


We have a range of education- related topics. Here are a few worth exploring:


Child Behaviors: Get firsthand information from parents about their children’s behavior at home and learn how parents think their child is doing in school. This survey asks parents if their child struggles to get organized for school, if their child is able to manage emotions well, and if they sense their child is motivated to learn the topics covered in class.

Parental confidence: How confident do parents feel about the choices they make for their child’s education? Who in the home is the one who oversees homework and makes decisions on behalf of the child’s education? We have a range of surveys geared toward parental opinions, so that you can guide parents and offer appropriate resources.

School environment: How do parents perceive the environment at your school? Use our School Climate Survey and our School Program Fit Template to learn more about the school’s environment, and whether parents feel there is adequate support and enough resources.


University student support: Do students at your university feel equipped to graduate and enter the job market? The expert-certified questions in our University Student Graduation Template ask students a range of questions about their educational experience and their plans after graduation.


University Instructor Evaluation: Find out how students feel about their instructors when you send them our University Instructor Evaluation template. Offer guidance and feedback to instructors when you get student input on their teaching style.

3 Quick Tips to Improve Survey Response Rates

We know that writing surveys can be daunting, so we’ve developed a full suite of guides for writing great survey questions, and we have plenty of pointers for creating and conducting surveys. We also recommend these tips:

1.     Be clear about the reason for the survey. People are more likely to fill out a survey if they have a clear understanding of why you’re sending it and what it will be used for. In your introduction, clearly state how you’re planning on using the information and why it’s important to get their feedback.

2.     Make your survey as accessible as possible. We build stronger communities by including as many people as possible. All of our standard survey designs comply with web accessibility standards (by U.S. Section 508 standards), and you can deliver them online in a variety of ways or by telephone.

3.     Great surveys don’t need to be lengthy! You can learn a lot from people and get their opinions with brief surveys, and people will be more willing to fill out a survey if they know it is brief. Even an 8-question survey can give you great insight, so don’t feel that you have to go overboard with questions. As a courtesy, indicate in the introduction how long the survey should take to fill out.

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