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To help ensure a successful product launch or restage/rebranding effort, it’s important that you get feedback from potential customers early on in the planning process. Our expert-certified online Package Testing Survey Template can verify that your customers or target market like and understand your packaging. This template will give you input on what people think of your package design.

What’s in the Package Testing Survey Template?

Show your target customers your package design, and then see what they like and where you can make improvements. Do they think it’s innovative? Do they perceive the product to be high quality? Will it be visible amongst the competition? Is the messaging on the package clear? Use the feedback you receive to refine your package design before releasing it to the mass market. The Package Testing Survey Template works great with our A/B test feature so you can compare results for multiple versions of your package design. You can also make changes to the survey template to meet your needs.

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