By Sheila G | on 09/23/16

In a crowded media landscape, where do voters turn to for election coverage?

With election day fast approaching, media coverage of the candidates is at a fever pitch. Turn on your TV, scroll through your Facebook page, or (gasp) even pick up a newspaper and the stories chronicling the antics of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are everywhere. In a buyer’s market, what’s a voter looking for a daily dose (or maybe an hourly dose) of election coverage to do?

Using SurveyMonkey Election Tracking, we found out that two media organizations reign supreme: in a survey of more than 10,000 voters, 44% turn to Fox News and 43% rely on CNN. Following distantly behind are MSNBC at 29%, NPR at 20%, and the New York Times at 17%.

Not surprisingly, the results differ across party lines. Take a look below.


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