By Sheila G | on 08/17/16

Apps of the rich and famous—when celebrities go mobile

Obviously, it takes a lot of work to be named to Forbes’ annual highest paid celebrity list. You’ve got to have talent, brains, and that certain special something that takes someone who’s merely famous and turns them into a brand. And for about a third of the names of the list, that also means trying to make it in tech.

As part of SurveyMonkey Measures: Celebrity, (our analysis of the list’s top earners) we took a look at the individuals who’ve attempted to break into the mobile app space. Out of the 100 celebrities on Forbes’ list, 30 have apps. And using SurveyMonkey Intelligence, we learned that most of those apps simply don’t have enough users to generate any meaningful data. Of the thirty celebrities with apps, only eight are actually making a significant dent in the mobile space.

Top tech-savvy celebs

Given the number of categories she tops (including business savvy), it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ellen DeGeneres’ wildly popular app Heads Up! leads the pack with over 1M users in the past month. But, she’s followed closely by Kim Kardashian: Hollywood with 950,000 people playing the star’s game. In third place is Jay Z’s music streaming service, Tidal with 847,000 users.

Despite topping Forbes’ list as the most highest paid celebrity in 2016, Taylor Swift’s eponymous app clocks in fourth place with 401,000 users per month. The remaining apps include Britney Spears: American Dream (389,000 users), Justin Bieber’s Shots App (243,000 users), Dr. Dre’s Beats Music (236,000 users), and finally Cristiano Ronaldo: Super Star Skater rounds out the list with a meager 13,000 users.

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Kim vs. Kim vs. Kim

At #42 on Forbes’ list, Kim Kardashian is firmly in the middle of the pack in terms of celebrity earnings. However, her business acumen and popularity make for a daunting presence in the world of mobile. To date, Kim’s trio of apps (Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, KIMOJI, and Kim Kardashian West Official App) boast a combined monthly total of 1,100,000 monthly active users. But, when pitted against one another, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is the clear winner. With 950,000 users logging on every month, the game has the same amount of monthly active users as popular team communication platform Slack. KIMOJI and Kardashian’s official app have only 120,000 and 42,000 monthly users respectively.

The Kardashian family of apps

And what would any examination of Kim Kardashian be without checking in on the rest of that media-savvy, entrepreneurial family of hers? In 2015, the sisters famously launched individual apps. Each was created to give fans a direct lifeline and an even closer look into their lives. Now how do apps centered around gamifying their lives perform? When ranked according to usage the two game-based apps perform best. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood takes top honors and is followed closely by Kendall and Kylie, which has 797,000 monthly users.

In a distant third place: Kylie Jenner Official App with 215,000 monthly users. Hers is the only one of the sisters’ individual apps that breaks six digits. The remaining apps come in at distant 48,000 users for Khloé Kardashian, 42,000 for Kim Kardashian, 40,000 for Kendall Jenner and at the bottom of the list, Kourtney Kardashian’s 37,000. But despite varying degrees of usage, the apps are clearly a runaway hit with fans. Between the sisters and their eight apps, they account for 2,200,000 monthly users.

The celebrity app space continues to be a competitive one where success is difficult to achieve. While new apps are launched seemingly every day, few celebrities are able to turn their fame into sustained mobile success. But should a celebrity choose to turn to tech, they certainly could learn a thing or two from the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

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