By Eric V | on 06/06/16

The top 4 companies people want to work at have these things in common

If you could work wherever you wanted, where would it be?

Forget what kinds of cushy perks they offer, whether it would mess up your commute, or whether you think you’re good enough to work there.

Think: Without those considerations, which company would you go to? And more importantly, what about that company would attract you?

As part of a partnership with Fortune, we asked more than 10,000 people across the U.S. which companies on the Fortune 100 list they’d most like to work at. Disney, Alphabet (that’s Google), Amazon, and Apple took the top 4 spots.

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These are all well-respected, powerful companies, so not exactly shocking that they’d take the top spots. And while we were at it, we compared them to some of the other positive things people had to say about those companies to see what they had in common.

Here’s what we found about each company:

1. The Walt Disney Company

The No. 1 place people wanted to work was The Walt Disney Company. Here’s how people ranked it for other attributes:

Most trustworthy — 2nd
Most influential — 11th
Most positive global impact — 5th
Most innovative — 20th
Most likely to be around in 100 years — 1st

It’s trustworthy and it’s got a legacy: Disney has spent nearly 100 years building a brand people believe in, and it’s one that people think is built to last. Respondents called the company the most likely to be around in 100 years. But perhaps more importantly, out of all the Fortune 100, they ranked No. 2 in trustworthiness.

It was especially trusted by females and everyone between the ages of 18-59, all of whom ranked Disney as the No. 2 most-trustworthy company. Males as a whole ranked it as No. 6.

That kind of trust (and stability) goes a long way for your brand, and can even make a difference for potential employees.

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2. Alphabet (Google)

Alphabet, the company formerly known as Google, took the No. 2 spot for places people would most like to work. How’d it do in other categories?

Most trustworthy — 7th
Most influential — 10th
Most positive global impact — 2nd
Most innovative — 2nd
Most likely to be around in 100 years — 12th

It’s making a difference with new technology: When was the last time you checked the traffic on your phone or found well, just about anything on the internet? Alphabet makes a big impact on the daily lives of billions of people across the globe, and it’s doing it with innovative technology. That’s probably why the company ranked No. 2 for positive global impact and No. 2 for innovation.

People across demographic groups agreed that Alphabet was making a positive global impact. Males and everyone between the ages of 18 and 44 said it was No. 1 company making a positive global impact today. Females ranked in No. 3, people aged 45-59 ranked it No. 4, and people over 60 ranked it No. 7.


Despite some reports of it being a brutal work environment, ranked as the No. 3 place people most want to work. In addition, people gave it high ranks for these attributes:

Most Trustworthy — 1st
Most influential — 5th
Most positive global impact — 3rd
Most innovative — 4th
Most likely to be around in 100 years — 3rd

It checks all the boxes: CEO Jeff Bezos is famous for being a fierce advocate for customers. And they’ve rewarded Amazon by ranking it the most trustworthy company on the Fortune 100 list. But it goes way beyond trustworthiness.

Amazon scored in one of the top 5 places in each of the categories we looked at for this article. That kind of across-the-board success means people have an overwhelmingly positive and optimistic view of the company.

Do you think your employees have that type of confidence in your company? How can you know unless you ask?

4. Apple

Apple ranked as the No. 4 place people want to work. Here’s how it did in other categories:

Most trustworthy — 8th
Most influential — 2nd
Most positive global impact — 4th
Most innovative — 1st
Most likely to be around in 100 years — 17th

It’s innovative and influential: It’s no surprise that people want to work for a company that’s doing exciting things that influence people’s lives. Apple made a name for itself by changing the way we use computers, consume media, and communicate with each other. There’s no doubt that the company has been both innovative and influential, and our respondents told us as much.

The company ranked No. 1 for most innovative and No. 2 for most influential. Its position as an innovator was by far the strongest among respondents. Males, females, and respondents between the ages of 30 and 59 said Apple was the most innovative, while only respondents between 18-29 said it was No. 2.

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