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What’s your dream job?

See what Jeff learned from his survey

What do Americans say are their dream jobs—and what drives people to want those jobs? (Hint: It’s not money.) See 3 key insights from Jeff’s survey.

Mostly people just want to run their own show

What job is the most desired in America? Being a business owner. The runners-up in order of popularity were manager, teacher, nurse, director, CEO, anything to do with travel, writer, and doctor.

Only 22% of us have our dream job right now

When it comes to careers, just 12% of working millennials say they have their dream job already, whereas 46% of working baby boomers say they do.

Happiness is the leading factor in a dream job

Workers of all ages, genders, and regions say that happiness is the most important factor in their dream job, followed by purpose, work-life harmony, and money.

Methodology: Respondents for this SurveyMonkey online poll were selected from the more than 2 million people who take surveys on the SurveyMonkey platform each day. Data was weighted for age, race, gender, and education to reflect the demographic composition of adults living in the United States. See more information on the methodology.

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