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Interns can be valuable parts of your organization’s makeup, and they often make great candidates for future full-time employment. But they come and go so fast that it can be hard to tell if they got everything they needed from your internship program. Make sure you can keep making positive developments to your internship program by collecting feedback from your interns about what they did—and didn’t—like about working as an intern with your company. Find out what they learned, how well-matched they felt with their jobs duties, what their relationship with the supervisor was like, and more with SurveyMonkey’s intern feedback survey template.

What’s in the Intern Feedback survey template?

The data you collect with your intern feedback survey can be useful in several different ways. See which departments’ intern programs are successful and which need further development. Use their open-ended responses to get ideas for developing your program. Keep their responses on file to help inform your hiring decisions if they ever apply for a full-time job with your company.

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