Your final project is due next week. You want to impress your professor (boss | client | self). You need some primary research to seal the deal. But how are you going to find 50 respondents (who happen to be between 18 and 30 years-old, are middle class, own a car, use the Internet at least an hour a day, and saw a movie within the last 2 weeks) to take your awesome, primary research survey within the week?

Well, if you’re smart and savvy like Nathalia (a college student from Brazil), you reach out to SurveyMonkey to get your survey in front of your target audience and see responses roll in while you sit back, relax, and picture how impressed your professor (boss | client | self) is going to be.

Nathalia was conducting research for a paper on how brand perceptions differ between young adults in Brazil and the United States. She’d already collected responses from Brazilians, but needed at least 20 more responses from Americans (ages 18 to 30, upper middle class, men and women)–and she needed them fast. But it was an audience that was hard for her to reach from her university in Brazil. So she turned to SurveyMonkey and completed a short, customer request form for a new program we are rolling out that lets you easily send a survey to a targeted group of respondents who meet the criteria you set.

Nathalia got her responses quickly and is wrapping up her final project right now. We can already see that A+ she’s sure to get. If you want to check out her brand perception survey (and provide a few more responses to impress her professor), click here.

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