How Modify Watches Pre-Tested Their Marketing Video

Measuring viewer sentiment and brand recall helped Modify Watches launch an effective marketing video

Mod to OrderWhile it may seem counterintuitive, your existing fans aren’t always the best resource to get unbiased feedback about your products. They’ve already self-identified as believers in your message and fans of your product. Consequently, they won’t help you figure out how those folks who are not yet fans will react to your marketing strategy.

Modify Watches–a design startup specializing in modular watches–has built a passionate and loyal customer base over the past three years.

Today, they have a thriving Facebook community with more than 25,000 fans who actively provide feedback on new watch designs. When their community expressed a desire to design their own watches, Modify Watches offered up a new concept called, “Mod To Order”. They launched on the crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter, to generate funding for creating the watches and to increase awareness of their brand.

Knowing that their Facebook fans were already devotees of the concept, the team turned to SurveyMonkey Audience, a powerful tool aimed at providing specific demographics, to pre-test their Kickstarter demo video. Why? Simple. They needed to collect feedback from unbiased consumers in order to ensure that their message would resonate with a broader audience before going live on Kickstarter.

Check out what they learned.

Key Insights: Brand Recall

Modify Watches discovered their demo video was indeed effective in driving awareness for their brand. When asked if they could name the company advertised in the video, 72% of viewers were able to correctly recall Modify Watches’ brand.

Name brand awareness

Key Insights: Primary Benefits

Modify Watches also measured whether viewers understood the main benefit of the “Mod To Order” watches. 78% of viewers agreed with the statement “It’s clear to me what the value of the product is,” and Modify validated that claim by asking open-ended questions. Using SurveyMonkey’s text analysis feature, they learned that the majority of responses contained “design” and “custom watch”–the core components of their “Mod To Order” product.

Key insights: Value proposition

Key Insights: Viewer Sentiment from Kickstarter Users

While most viewers reported positive feelings after watching the video, those who had contributed to Kickstarter in the last six months were the most likely to report positive feelings about the video.

Modify Watches brand awareness

Kickstarter members were also more likely to agree with statements such as, “I trust the company in the video” and, “It grabs my attention from the start.” Increased positive sentiment from the Kickstarter community helped validate that Modify Watches’ message would resonate with the right audience.

By pre-testing their video with an unbiased audience, Modify Watches was able to launch their Kickstarter campaign with confidence that their video would effectively communicate the value of their product to a general audience and not just their own customer base.

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