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We are committed to helping Canadians use surveys to develop insights and make smarter decisions. From startups to healthcare providers to nonprofits, we offer people across Canada – and around the world – the powerful survey tools, security, and convenience they need to get the job done.

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How we help Canadians with online surveys

We’re the number one provider of online surveys in Canada for a reason. A few reasons, that is:

We speak Canada’s language

Write surveys in Canadian English in Vancouver, or use French survey templates for folks in Montréal. Our entire product experience is translated into English and French.

You can also create multilingual surveys so you can reach everyone and analyze all your results together.

Help for everyone

We want to make it easy for you to get insights. That means offering help content and customer support in English and French, too.

No exchange needed

We price our products and services in Canadian dollars, so you don’t need to get out the calculator when you want to do business with us.

We stand guard for thee

Concerned about accessibility or privacy? We work hard to take care of our Canadian customers. We start by complying with WCAG (2.0) to make sure everyone has access to great insights. To ensure your privacy, we utilise some of the most advanced technology for Internet security commercially available today.

Beginning in 2017, certain accounts created in Canada will have their survey questions and survey responses stored locally in Canada. All other account information remains stored in the United States. Learn more here.

If you’re looking to create an online survey in Canada, we make it easy to get the insights you need without jumping through a bunch of extra hoops. Create a survey for free, or choose a link below to learn more about how SurveyMonkey can help you get the insights you need to make great decisions.

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