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Ever had a meeting go bananas? Whether you’re planning a webinar, gala, class, barbecue, or a wedding, you need to make sure that every detail is in place so that your attendees—and you—get the most out of the gathering. With online meeting and event planning surveys, you can manage contacts, send invites, collect payments, get real-time reports, and gather valuable event feedback.

How to Use Event Planning Surveys

Sales conferences. Find out how attendees felt about the content, location, hotel, and food at the conference. Were the panel presentations inspiring or mind-numbing? Was the convention center easy to find, and were the seminars worth going to?

Weddings. Oh the joys of being in love. Many a bride (and groom) have used surveys to plan their big day from start to finish. Figure out travel and lodging plans, activities, childcare needs, food orders, invitations and more. Poll your friends and family where they think you should go for your destination wedding. Charlotte or Chicago? Bahamas or Barbados? Paris or Puerto Vallarta?

Bachelor and bachelorette parties. Speaking of tying the knot, you’ll have to figure out where to have your very last party as a singleton. Make it count by surveying your groomsmen, bridesmaids, and close friends.

Event venue. Have a grand idea about a particular event, but don’t know just where to host it? Send out an online survey and ask invitees where they prefer to visit. What hotels would they want to stay at? Ask about nightlife, activities, points of interest.

Networking events and meetups. From speed daters, to tech geeks, and comic books fanboys, there are lots of people who get together over shared interests. Make sure all the details cater to their every need by sending out an event planning survey.

Party time. Apart from holiday parties that involve mistletoe, eggnog, and caroling, use online surveys to rally your friends and family for Earth Day, Labor Day, or reality show viewing parties. Need to plan a flash mob, but not quite sure how to coordinate? From nailing down eight-counts, to organizing carpools, an event planning survey can be a lifesaver.

Event catering. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian? With a growing number of dietary preferences cropping up these days, it’s good to know beforehand what your guests can and can’t eat.

Neighborhood & community. From block parties, yard sales, tree-planting days, bake sales, garage cleaning parties, and more, it’s a lovely day in the neighborhood when the members of your community come together for good causes and fun. Be sure to poll your neighbors to gather feedback.

Music, beats, and sound. Is your guest list more likely to let loose over Pavarotti or the Beatles? Will the crowd find your 90s hip-hop playlist amazing or detestable? Whether it’s Michael Jackson or the Rolling Stones, better make sure to find out what your group prefers before dusting off those CDs or downloading those mp3s.

Three Tips for an Awesome Event

1. Identify your goal. This might be obvious, say, if your event is a wedding, but for other events, you want to hone in on your main goal. Are you launching a new product, electing officers for your neighborhood watch, or trying to make this year’s conference better than the last?

2. Identify your budget. After you’ve outlined your goals, figure out how much it would cost to make them happen. Know exactly how much you can spend, and how much participants are willing to spend. Start by making a checklist, pricing each item, balancing the nice-to-haves with the must-haves, and coming up with an overall price tag.

3. Identify your timeline. From start to finish, planning anything can be a huge—and overwhelming undertaking. Give yourself enough time to brainstorm, create your event planning survey, gather feedback, send out invitations, and collect RSVPs. A good rule of thumb is to send invitations out three weeks prior to the date of the event, so work backwards to give yourself ample time to take care of all of the moving parts.

Whoever says “you can’t please all of the people all of the time” obviously doesn’t know a good event planner. The best event planners don’t stop until they’ve done everything they can to please all of their attendees, sponsors and vendors. SurveyMonkey lets you easily create meeting and event planning surveys to help you gather a wealth of information.

All meeting and event planning survey template questions are written by professional survey methodologists and can be customized to fit your needs.

Create a Meeting or Event Planning Survey in Minutes, at Any Stage

Before, during, and after your event, you can get valuable insight that will help make your event a success.


The event planning template

Learn expectations, gauge attendance, identify preferences for speakers, catering, programs, music, themes, etc. Find out travel plans or needs, as well as the best method of keeping in touch with your attendees should you need to provide event updates. All of this will help you simplify planning and learn more about your attendees to help you tailor your event.

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Easy Event RSVPs

Now that you’ve got the results of your pre-event survey, you need to firm up who’s actually going. With Wufoo forms, you can embed your RSVP right on your website, get pinged when someone replies, collect payments (PayPal,, & Google Checkout), and build reports for everyone involved in planning your event — from the caterer, to the DJ, and more.

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Post-event feedback

Find out how your meeting or event went and use the feedback to make your next one an even bigger hit. Maybe the group has ideas on increasing attendance or alternative venues.

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