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Built for businesses, designed for people, loved by teams. Discover why we're a leading survey platform for companies around the globe.

Manage feedback data securely

Protecting your confidential survey data is our highest priority. With encryption, SSO, SSAE-16 SOC II compliant data centers, and our commitment to HIPAA and GDPR compliance, we keep your data safe.

Gain visibility and control

Get access to dashboards and settings for increased visibility over user activity. Control how collected data is shared and ensure that data is both accessible and secure.

Enrich data with additional insights

Combine survey data with data you already have using integrations and APIs. Connect SurveyMonkey to Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, Microsoft Power BI, and over 100 additional integrations.

See SurveyMonkey Enterprise at work

Watch how Box integrated our survey platform into existing business systems to build a 360° view of the customer journey.

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Manage and track user activity
Set up and manage organizational policies through a centralized admin dashboard, global features settings, and audit logs.

Easily onboard and migrate users at scale
Automate the process to ensure new and existing users can seamlessly join your centralized SurveyMonkey account.

Secure confidential survey data
Take advantage of single sign-on, data encryption, and compliance features. Learn more about our enterprise-grade security.

Connect survey data with your existing workflows and enrich that data with additional insights.

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Microsoft integrations

Gain visibility and control over all users with a single admin dashboard. Use global settings to establish and maintain standards.

Secure sensitive survey data with SSO, HIPAA and GDPR compliance features, data encryption, access controls, and more.

See GDPR compliance features

Plug survey data into over 100 business-critical apps you already use, such as Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and more.

Design surveys together, share multiple surveys to a Workgroup, and easily set roles and permissions. Use Smart Notifications to intelligently monitor, share, and distribute survey responses.

Build sophisticated custom surveys with features like advanced logic, branching, piping, multilingual support, and much more.

Get phone support and 24/7 email support and a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you through each step.

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Why choose SurveyMonkey Enterprise?

Learn how SurveyMonkey Enterprise can help you elevate your customer experience, build an inclusive workforce, and fuel business growth.

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With a user-friendly experience, AI-driven features, and sophisticated functionality, it’s easy to see why SurveyMonkey is the survey platform of choice for businesses around the world.

Easy to use

Beloved for its power and simplicity, SurveyMonkey is known for its user-friendly experience. Capture the data you need fast. Get all the sophistication without the complication.

A trusted favorite

Most of your employees are familiar with our easy-to-use platform, so minimal training is required. Get more responses from your recipients who also know and trust SurveyMonkey.

Plug and play

We make onboarding seamless and can help migrate your survey data from other platforms. Enterprise fits easily into most organizations with our vast array of integrations and robust APIs.

Customized pricing

We have pricing for businesses of all sizes to fit your organization's unique needs.

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Stay continuously connected with employees, understand their needs and sentiments, and make informed policy decisions that build employee confidence as you reopen.

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Engage and support remote workers

Empower your employees to share insights about their well-being, productivity, and needs as they continue to work remotely.

Plan a safe and successful return to work

Find the right balance between employee expectations and business needs with feedback from your team.

Support onsite teams

Regularly pulse employees to surface changing needs as they adjust to new ways of working.

Ensure operational safety

Help ensure a safe return to in-person and onsite work through automated digital symptom assessment of employees in the United States.*

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*The Symptom Tracking solution allows organizations to collect and use personal information about individuals, including health-related information, which may be subject to various legal requirements in different jurisdictions. THIS SOLUTION IS BUILT FOR AND INTENDED FOR USE ONLY WITHIN THE UNITED STATES. As with all SurveyMonkey services, please consult with your own independent counsel to confirm that your intended use of these services meets your legal needs.