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Hire and Keep Quality Personnel with Employee Surveys

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Every employee has a voice, but it’s not always heard. If your staff feels unvalued, under-appreciated, or overlooked, they’ll look for opportunities elsewhere. Get insight from your valued employees and hear their opinions when you conduct a staff satisfaction survey. From the food you serve in the cafeteria, to the benefits offered, to your leadership, the survey results from a workforce questionnaire can give you the data you need to help avoid staff turnover and create a productive and rewarding working environment. SurveyMonkey offers many personnel survey examples and templates to help you gain the knowledge you need to attract and retain the best hires for years to come.

Create a Workplace Survey in Minutes to Get Valuable Feedback

Conducting a workplace survey can make sure you are making the best decisions for your business. Here are a few employee survey ideas to engage your team and kick off the conversation.

  • Worker mood and morale survey. Get a reading on the overall workplace attitude and job satisfaction with a questionnaire that gets to the heart of your personnel’s overall mood. With a better understanding of your employees’ perceptions, you’ll be in a much better place to make changes that can mean the difference between a positive workplace and a not-so-positive one.
  • Employee engagement survey. How committed is your staff? Are they just showing up for the paycheck and the free coffee, or are they in for the long term? A passionate, engaged workforce makes your company more efficient, creative, and yes, profitable. Find out how to keep the loyal workers motivated and give the disengaged employees a newfound commitment to your company.
  • Organization and leadership survey. You probably have a system in place for management to evaluate their teams, but do you have a way for your employees to evaluate their management? Help your staff feel valued by encouraging them to share their opinions on leadership performance.
  • Exit interview survey. It’s a fact: employees will leave. Find out why your hires leave and how you can keep quality employees when you provide a personnel exit interview survey.

How to Use Employee Surveys and Best Practices

  • Create benchmarks to measure performance. Without benchmarks, it’s hard to measure performance. Try using employee survey samples to analyze your human resources department around issues such as processing information and responsiveness. You can use personnel survey results as a benchmark for performance ratings and help identify areas for improvement. When you benchmark, it’s great to see how you improve in comparison to other departments and competitors year after year.
  • Start with our employee survey templates. Stumped about the types of questions to ask your workers? We’ll get you started with employee survey templates that are tried, tested, and certified by our own methodologists. We’ve got targeted, engaging questions that will make the most of your time – and your employees’.
  • Get staff survey results in multiple languages. If you have locations all over the globe, use the skip logic feature to create a single employee survey but receive responses in many languages. For instance, you could use personnel opinion surveys to get feedback about your human resources department and their services.

Five Tips to Get a Great Response From Your Personnel Survey

  1. Keep it casual. Don’t use language that’s stuffy or overly technical. Keep your employee survey questions conversational.
  2. Provide incentives. Offer small gifts or prizes for completing the employee survey, or create contests among departments for the highest response rate.
  3. Make it anonymous. Be sure your employees know their employee survey answers are 100% anonymous. In order to gain the most insight, you’ll want to communicate their feedback is completely safe.
  4. Let them know they’ve been heard. If your employees feel like their feedback is going into a black hole, they’ll be less likely to participate again. Offer an employee survey presentation to show what knowledge has been gained, and what’s being done with the survey results.
  5. Ask about things your employees care about. Employee survey questions about commutes, food, benefits, and working environment can help get the conversation started.

Make the most of your time by leveraging SurveyMonkey’s templates. You’ll be able to create your online survey in a matter of minutes on a wide variety of topics such as employee satisfaction, 360 assessment, recruitment and more. SurveyMonkey also gives you access to the survey tools you need to easily deploy and analyze your employee survey—empowering you to make smarter decisions. And we take survey security seriously, so rest assured knowing your data and insights are safe with us.

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