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Fighting injustice starts with talking about it, and data can tell a powerful story.

⁠-Workplace Happiness Index, 2021

Three people sitting next to each other talking, with 4 stars behind them

⁠-Workplace Happiness Index, 2021

Five people standing in a line with shocked expressions and looking at their phones, with a chat bubble next to them
Frowning man sitting at desk with laptop open, with sad emoji next to him

⁠-Inclusion and belonging, 2019

Our DEI survey templates help organizations get insights that help them pursue a more equitable world.

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey inclusion and belonging survey template
Screenshot of SurveyMonkey diversity  survey template
Screenshot of vendor diversity SurveyMonkey survey template
Screenshot of SurveyMonkey wage gap perception survey template
Screenshot of SurveyMonkey mentorship and advocacy survey template
Screenshot of SurveyMonkey culture of genius survey template
Screenshot of SurveyMonkey gender template
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Step-by-step guides walk you through plans to do things like measure inclusion, address possible microaggressions, audit vendor diversity, and more.

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Amplifying diverse voices and pursuing equity both within our organization and in society at large are key values at Momentive.

Check out our corporate DEI page for more details about our commitment to equity, a breakdown of our company DNA, and goals for the future.

Take surveys in exchange for donations to social justice orgs such as The Innocence Project, The Hidden Genius Project, or Fresh Lifelines for Youth.