Do I Use SurveyMonkey with Clicktools?

No, Clicktools is a standalone survey solution that SurveyMonkey confidently recommends to customers who need to integrate survey data with their CRM system.

With Clicktools, you can:

  • Trust that your data made it. Clicktools error reporting and recovery management provide CRM Synchronization Assurance. No worries about critical customer feedback falling into the void.
  • Put your business processes in overdrive. Establish CRM process flows from your Clicktools forms to boost the value of existing processes and automatically continue customer conversations based on responses.
  • Deploy surveys directly from CRM. Save time by scheduling surveys to send automatically from Salesforce. Utilize easy list segmentation, template selection, testing, and more.
  • Outsmart mundane, manual CRM processes. Instantly create and link multiple objects (contact, account, opportunity, campaign) in your CRM system, based on survey results.

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