Dental office seeks consumer opinions

Improving Service Offerings with Consumer Feedback

Using SurveyMonkey Audience, a San Francisco-based dentistry practice evaluated consumer opinions about dental care to improve product and service offerings.

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In the past, many people considered going to the dentist a dreaded necessity, to be avoided whenever possible. However, dentistry has changed dramatically over the last decade, thanks in part to advancements in the technology and products used. With this in mind, Dr. Sara Creighton, dentist and co-founder of Washington Square Park Dental in San Francisco, decided to gather fresh data in order to help gauge public perception about dentistry and dental treatments. Dr. Creighton turned to SurveyMonkey Audience to survey a general audience of consumers living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Key Insights

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Patients make regular visits

According to the survey’s results, the common myth that consumers avoid the dentist seems to be just that — a myth. Over 75% of respondents reported that they had visited a dentist at least once in the last year, and almost 70% had one dentist they regularly visit.

For those who said they don’t visit the same dentist regularly, 78% said they would actually prefer to do so, thus contradicting the long held assumption that people are unwilling to go to the dentist.

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Offering cosmetic services

Unlike necessary services such as fillings or root canals, the appeal of smile-improving services is indisputable. Survey results showed that almost 42% of respondents would like straighter teeth and of that group, almost 60% have considered professional treatments for straightening.

Dentists have another opportunity to attract patients by offering teeth whitening services. Just over 78% of respondents would like whiter teeth and 66% would consider getting their teeth professionally whitened, but only 17% of respondents have received professional whitening services.

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Putting Results Into Action

Armed with the information gathered through SurveyMonkey Audience, the team at Washington Square Park Dental plans to focus on creating lasting relationships with their patients. Additionally, they plan to highlight their use of the latest dental technology and equipment in their marketing materials, including premium services like Invisalign and professional whitening.

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