A startup validates their product plans

Improving Products with Consumer Feedback

Using SurveyMonkey Audience, a new clothing company made decisions about their first collection’s design and pricing.

Vintage Futbol


Vintage Futbol — a soccer-inspired clothing and lifestyle brand — was a startup fueled by great design ideas, a small but devoted staff, and, of course, a shoestring budget. With plans to design a clothing line that embodied the spirit of the game, the Vintage Futbol team needed some important questions answered before they could begin production. They knew their ideal customers were people like themselves — adults between the ages of 18-30 who’d grown up playing soccer. But they needed to find out more specific information about the purchasing habits and clothing preferences of this market.

Vintage Futbol had a short amount of time to get answers and a limited budget to conduct their initial research. Familiar with SurveyMonkey, the team created a survey that asked specific questions about the design of their product. After a few rounds of edits, they were ready to start distributing the survey: first, amongst themselves, then to friends and family, and finally to old schoolmates, on Facebook, Twitter and other sources. Recognizing they needed more extensive feedback than just their families and friends could provide, the Vintage Futbol team acknowledged that conducting market research had become critical to the launch of their business. For this, they turned to SurveyMonkey Audience to gather feedback from an unbiased group of consumers.

Key Insights

Vintage Futbol

The team learned important information about their market’s purchasing habits. For instance, the majority answered the most they had ever paid for a t-shirt was between $25-$29 — a factor Vintage Futbol took into account when establishing the pricing for their collection.

Additionally, most respondents ranked material and price as “very important” factors while design was labeled “extremely important”. Given the importance of design for the respondents, the most valuable data came in the form of direct feedback on their potential product line. The overwhelming favorite was the grey “City of God” t-shirt which the Vintage Futbol team has reported to be their best selling product.

Putting Results Into Action

After analyzing the data collected through SurveyMonkey Audience, Vintage Futbol was able to make strategic conclusions across various areas of their business — how to merchandise and offer their products, where to price their offerings, which designs to go to market with first and which demographics may represent their most successful early adopters. With original research to back up their business decisions, the team launched their first line with confidence and, of course, style.

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