A brand agency tests homepage designs

Improving Design with Consumer Feedback

Using SurveyMonkey Audience, a brand agency collected consumer feedback on homepage designs for their client.


Urban Influence — a brand and creative agency — specializes in strategy, graphic design, and mobile application development with the goal of providing clients with a perfect blend of strategy and creative to deliver measureable results. In the case of their client Intego — a leader in Mac security software — the team at Urban Influence wanted to test concepts for a new homepage design. Given Intego customers’ experience with Apple products, the new homepage needed to have a complimentary tone and aesthetic.

In order to identify the ideal layout for Intego customers, Urban Influence wanted to test different homepage designs. To get answers, they constructed a simple 10-question survey to gather feedback about their potential designs: which was most consistent with the Apple brand, which was most appealing, and which had the clearest presentation of information. Using SurveyMonkey Audience, they were able to collect this feedback in a matter of days.

The survey’s respondents were presented with the following designs:

Homepage Design 1

Homepage test 1

Homepage Design 2

Homepage test 2

Putting Results Into Action

In order to determine the winning design, Urban Influence established a set of metrics to measure: resemblance to the Apple brand, design appeal, and clarity of information. Ultimately, Homepage Design 2 was the clear winner. Armed with the survey’s results, Urban Influence was able to provide their client with concrete data about homepage preference.

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