Prezi researches their brand awareness

Improving Brand Awareness and Marketing with Consumer Insights

Using SurveyMonkey Audience, Prezi was able to gather feedback from consumers on the challenges of giving presentations in a digital age.



In the ever-growing SaaS marketplace, consumers have their choice of products to fit their software needs. However, the sheer volume of services and products available can overwhelm even the savviest consumers, making it essential for companies to understand the needs and goals of their target market.

In the case of Prezi — an innovative cloud-based presentation software tool — a growing user base indicated the company’s success within their particular market. The product’s technological capabilities and appealing presentation aesthetics impressed its existing clients, but the Prezi team was ready to focus on more targeted marketing efforts and niche product features. Namely, they wanted to learn more about the challenges consumers face using presentation tools in order iterate upon existing features, as a well as develop sophisticated marketing strategies which would highlight Prezi as an inventive new solution in the presentation marketplace.

To accomplish these distinct but equally important goals, Prezi turned to SurveyMonkey Audience for access to the consumers who could ultimately provide these necessary insights.

Key Insights

As a young but growing company, Prezi wanted to gauge existing awareness of their brand, learn more about the competitive landscape in the presentation market, and identify the needs of professionals working with virtual teams.

After using SurveyMonkey Audience to create a survey and send it to working professionals, Prezi gained great insights about how this specific demographic communicates with fellow employees, bosses, and clients in this increasingly globalized world. One fact remained clear: working professionals have a need for smarter, more intuitive tools in order to effectively collaborate with colleagues — a key finding for Prezi.

Other Insights

Brand Awareness

Prezi’s brand awareness is still relatively low, but for those familiar with the product, feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Around 15% of respondents were familiar with Prezi, an impressive percentage, considering the newness of the company.

Graph Chart

For those who had heard of Prezi, perception of the product was extremely positive. Using a word cloud to surface the most commonly used terms by respondents to describe Prezi, many reported it was “great” and a welcome alternative to the leading player in the presentation space: PowerPoint.

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Remote Collaboration

Given the growing sector of employees who work remotely, Prezi hypothesized this market would be a significant one, but wanted validation to support this claim. With more than 60% of respondents reporting their remote collaborations, Prezi’s assumptions were correct.

At its core, the Prezi product offering provides users with the opportunity to makes their presentations more visually engaging with features from the tool palette — most notably the “Pan & Zoom” navigation. While the company has made significant strides in the design of the their product, they were curious if the tool would translate into virtual presentations.

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But how many of these collaborators use presentations with their counterparts? Prezi learned that there is a definite demand for presentation software that eases the challenges of remote collaboration. “Screenshare” and “pre-created presentations” were the top options respondents found most helpful in having successful remote meetings.

Additionally, insights into the challenges of remote meetings gave Prezi an understanding of where they could improve their product offering and reach new customers.

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Presentation Features

Access to existing presentation templates was the most common request by respondents.

Nearly half of all respondents selected “sales pitch” and“company presentations” as the most often used formats when making presentations to people outside of their organization.

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When asked specifically what features they wished their existing presentation software included, respondents cited better templates and an easier way to integrate charts, images, and video into their presentations.

Project Overview

Great projects and surveys often begin by defining clear objectives. Goal-based projects ensure that survey questions will produce data that can drive straightforward results and simple analysis. Prezi started by identifying several key goals prior to writing their survey.

  • Gauge Prezi’s existing brand awareness
  • Learn about strengths and weaknesses of presentation tools currently used by
    Prezi’s target demographic
  • Identify the challenges of giving remote presentations
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Finding an Audience

For this project, Prezi wanted to hear from potential customers — namely people regularly creating presentations for internal and external organization stakeholders. After creating their survey and reviewing SurveyMonkey Audience’s targeting criteria, Prezi selected an Audience of people who are employed full-time or part-time within advertising, strategy and analysis, management, research, marketing, or sales functions at their organizations.

Respondent Snapshot

Prezi’s respondents came from across the United States, and from a variety of different industries and company sizes.

An infographic of basic demographic details about the project’s respondents was automatically provided to Prezi in downloadable PDF format.

Putting Results Into Action

As expected, the Prezi team remains focused on growing brand awareness. They learned that consumers familiar with the company have positive views of the product, due in large part to the innovative visual appeal of finished presentations. They will continue to focus their marketing efforts and product updates on establishing those characteristics as key features of the brand.

The influx of the remote workforce has increased demand for services that support virtual presentations. After seeing the survey’s results, Prezi is planning to build out a portion of their “Prezi Meeting” product dedicated specifically to employees needing to make presentations virtually, and will be focusing on building tools and templates that are compatible with screen sharing software.

Perfecting existing templates has become a priority for the Prezi team. Since a large portion of their target demographic want access to a tool that will easily integrate images and charts into ready-made presentations, Prezi will be working on streamlining the product so that customers can add those elements to their sales pitch and company overview templates.

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