Ogilvy tests a client’s brand perception

Building Business with Consumer Feedback

Using SurveyMonkey Audience, Ogilvy tested a client’s brand perception and provided a data-driven, integrated communications strategy.


What do customers want? It’s a question that companies ask themselves daily and spend the majority of their time, energy and resources finding the answer. And it’s a question that the advertising, marketing, and public relations agency Ogilvy has built their business answering. Ogilvy helps their clients identify the key messages that resonate with consumers and turn them into campaigns that build sustainable businesses with loyal customers. Since every business, brand, and consumer is different, it takes more than just a clever ad campaign to reach customers. It requires thorough customer research to test and validate assumptions.

In the case of one client, Ogilvy was tasked with evaluating the impact of their client’s product offering on overall brand perception. A leader in their particular industry, the client provides customers with a wide range of goods and services, making the decision of how to position marketing efforts a complex one. With so many options available, the client needed a better understanding of how consumers viewed the brand in order to effectively promote their products. Although the Ogilvy team quickly identified the service they felt the client should market, they needed to validate their assumptions before they could propose an entirely new communications strategy. For this validation, they turned to SurveyMonkey Audience.

Using SurveyMonkey Audience, Ogilvy created a survey to collect data specific to their client’s brand and the product they felt should be marketed. Feedback was collected from small to medium-sized business owners, as well as some general consumers, and the use of several screening questions ensured they received opinions from only the respondents they needed for their survey. Respondents from a variety of different industries and company sizes, located across the United States, answered the survey’s questions, with the full set of responses collected in less than a week.

Key Insights

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Ogilvy learned that their client’s available product offering actually improved the company’s brand perception. As Ogilvy suspected, the particular goods and services addressed in the survey were held in high regard by the target demographic and, in fact, made them more willing to do business with the company. Additionally, they were able to gather details about how the company compared to their competitors and learned the brand stood out for respondents as an industry leader in innovation, accountability, and quality of service.

Putting Results Into Action

Supported by data from actual B2B and B2C consumers, the survey’s results helped the Ogilvy team evaluate the strengths of their client’s product offering. Armed with these insights, Ogilvy was able to propose a new, integrated communications strategy to their client — one that emphasized their most valuable offering in order to appeal to existing customers, and most importantly, drive new business.

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