Morrie’s evaluates brand awareness

Improving Sales and Marketing with Consumer Insights

Using SurveyMonkey Audience, a car dealership gathered feedback from their customer base and developed an informed marketing strategy.


When Morrie’s Automotive Group started servicing the Twin Cities of Minnesota in 1960, founder Morrie Wagener built his business around three fundamental principles: excitement, honesty, and affordability. In order to provide customers with an experience that embodied these values, Wagener developed Buy Happy™ Promises.

Still in effect today, this program ensures that customers receive the best vehicle, value, and experience every time they visit Morrie’s. The team at Morrie’s Automotive knew their brand awareness was high within the Twin Cities and that customers initially responded well to Buy Happy™ Promises, but they lacked the firm numbers required to develop full-scale marketing campaigns around the program.

Using SurveyMonkey Audience, Morrie’s marketing manager, Ben Robertaccio, collected feedback from residents of the Minneapolis / St. Paul metropolitan area to quantify brand awareness, and identify the strengths and weaknesses in Buy Happy’s™ messaging.

Key Insights

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Confirming Brand Awareness

When presented with the Buy Happy™ Promises tagline, 59% of respondents indicated had already heard of the program and were able to associate it with Morrie’s Automotive Group. When provided with a list of the various Buy Happy™ Promises, almost 72% of respondents reacted positively and indicated that the promises would be at least somewhat influential in choosing to purchase a car with Morrie’s Automotive Group.

Influencing Dealer Choice

Potential customers responded especially well to the Buy Happy™ Promises that communicated value and post-purchase perks, confirming the importance of including these elements in the initial sales proposition. Unsurprisingly, vehicle price and availability were selected as the top most influential factors in selecting an auto dealer in the future, while a dealer’s online presentation and geographic location were less important considerations. Additionally, almost 83% of consumers in the target market felt that the Buy Happy™ Promises offering made Morrie’s at least somewhat different from other auto dealers in the area.


Putting Results Into Action

Morrie’s Automotive Group was thrilled to see positive responses regarding their brand’s recognition, as well as Buy Happy™ Promises from a market outside of their existing customer base. The data supported the team’s initial concepts and messaging strategy, giving them the confidence to move forward with their marketing plan.

“Thanks to SurveyMonkey Audience we have hard customer data that provides insights into our marketing efforts,” said Robertaccio. “This data will serve as a benchmark that we can measure future marketing efforts against and confirm that we are moving in the right direction.”

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