LoungeBuddy researches travel habits

Using Consumer Insights to Improve Product Functionality

A technology startup understands travel habits to create a mobile application and improve the features of their product.



LoungeBuddy is a new mobile application seeking to make air travel less stressful and more pleasurable. Complete with photos, ratings, and reviews, LoungeBuddy takes the edge off of traveling by serving as a single resource for information about airport lounges around the world. In order to get a better pulse on the wants and needs of travelers, LoungeBuddy used SurveyMonkey Audience to gain insights on travel habits in order to expand their mobile application features.

Key Insights

Graph Chart
Annual Memberships

LoungeBuddy learned that the majority of travelers don’t have annual memberships such as credit cards, elite status, and lounge memberships that would allow free access to airport lounges around the world.

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Proximity means Convenience

Another finding revealed that proximity is important, as travelers prefer to not walk more than 10 minutes for food, shopping, or an airport lounge.

Putting Results Into Action

With help from SurveyMonkey Audience, LoungeBuddy has the insights needed to improve the functionality of their product. LoungeBuddy looks to integrate an itinerary import feature that imports a traveler’s itinerary that allows filtering based on the travelers’ preferences and location. LoungeBuddy also plans to enhance their “Nearby” location feature to serve as an excellent resource for travelers looking to escape the chaos of traveling but aren’t looking to stray far from their gate, emphasising the promotion of airport lounges with a one time entry fee.

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