LemmeGo gathers product feedback

Validating Ideas and Concepts with Consumer Feedback

Using SurveyMonkey Audience, an entrepreneur collected consumer feedback to gauge interest in his mobile application.


LemmeGo is a web and mobile application that helps locate people interested in gathering for leisure activities, enables users to send messages to friends to coordinate outings, and keeps users up-to-date with their friends’ plans in real time.

Like any entrepreneur, before investing in this product, founder Mohammad Subeh needed more information about the leisure activity market and demand for application itself. For this, he turned to SurveyMonkey Audience.

Key Insights

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63% of respondents surveyed reported that they participate in leisure activities at least once a week — suggesting that the market potential for LemmeGo was significant. Yet, nearly half reported difficulty in finding a friend to participate in outdoor and physical activities like hiking, fishing, and running.

Other Insights

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Focus on existing friendships

Although many respondents struggled with finding a friend to participate in leisure activities, most were not interested in being paired with someone new. 70% said they were either slightly likely or not at all likely to attend an outing with someone they didn’t know — a fact that refocused the application’s core offering from introducing users with similar interests to reconnecting people with their existing social circles.

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Importance of application features

When asked to rate the most important features of LemmeGo, respondents selected the ability to make outing private rather than sharing them with other users. Less important features included a Facebook or Twitter login, rating other users after an outing, and using geo-location tools to locate the outing’s planner.

Putting Results Into Action

With insights into consumer demand and the functionality of LemmeGo, Subeh was able to build and appropriately market the application. The consumer feedback received was essential to the application’s development and Subeh plans to regularly test new product ideas with SurveyMonkey Audience in order to make strategic decisions as he continues to build his business.

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